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Questions and Answers:
All about Learning at the Language Guesthouse

Antwort anzeigen Should I already have some knowledge of German when I start my studies at the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
No, you do not need to have a German background. You are welcome to come as a beginner.
Antwort anzeigen Studying foreign languages at school was torture for me at times, but I really want to learn German. Do you think I stand a chance of learning it in the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
Of course you do. Forget your bad experience. At school you probably had to learn languages in a totally different way from the way you will learn German at the Language Guesthouse.
Antwort anzeigen I’ve heard there’s plenty of awful grammar to learn in the German language. Is that true?
Antwort verbergen
With me, you learn grammar rules when you need them for communication. You come to the realization that grammar facilitates language mastery by producing consistency in the unfamiliar language structure. So don’t panic! Of course there are some pitfalls in German grammar, but they are conquerable.
Antwort anzeigen I need German for my job — business German. Can you provide this targeted instruction, even if I haven’t learned German before?
Antwort verbergen
Yes, this is possible. We have enjoyable coursebooks and other resources for beginners. These books emphasize communication in business situations and use business themes. As in any other language course, you also will learn basic language skills.
Antwort anzeigen My company wants to send me to Germany for German language studies, but I don’t enjoy language learning.
Antwort verbergen
Try to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. If your company sends you to a language course, you are really lucky. Others spend their vacations at language school and pay for the course from their own pockets. Why don’t you enjoy language learning? Do you remember bad experiences from the past? Forget them. If you are open-minded and curious, you may discover that enjoyment comes to you in the midst of language learning. After all, the French say, „Appetite comes while eating.“
Antwort anzeigen Through my company, I’m in frequent contact with German business partners and clients. I am already a fluent German speaker but would like to improve my poise in negotiations. Also, I often experience difficulties understanding the German mindset. Can you help me?
Antwort verbergen
A course in the Language Guesthouse always includes acquaintance with German viewpoints, traditions, culture, and social graces. In the Language Guesthouse you have the opportunity to experience them in a concrete way. They also are discussed during lessons, of course.
Antwort anzeigen I have started a German language course three times in the past. I have always given up right away because other students learned more quickly than me. Even so, I really would like to learn German. Can you help me?
Antwort verbergen
You have strong motivation to learn the language but little self-confidence. In the classroom, the pressure to compete with other students makes you feel very uncomfortable. In individual classes, you do not need to fear the group. You set your own pace and gain self-confidence. Soon you realize that there is no reason to feel ashamed of your German language skills.
Antwort anzeigen I am already 65 and am not a fast learner like younger people. But I want to learn German anyway. Do you think it’s possible at the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
Of course it’s possible. In our individual lessons, you set the pace. Besides, it is a very good idea to study a foreign language at your age, since it keeps your brain healthy. You discover that language study is very beneficial for your mind—a bit like exercising your body every day.
Antwort anzeigen I want individual lessons because I am timid when speaking in a group. Do you think I’ll be in the right place with you?
Antwort verbergen
Yes, you will be in the right place. You will get individual lessons at my house but also will have the opportunity to overcome you timidness in groups,namely in our creative evening sessions, where doing comes first and speaking is the positive side-effect.
Antwort anzeigen I am interested in German for only one reason: My hobby/personal interest is ......., and the best ............ are in Germany. I would like to contact these people and exchange opinions with them. Maybe visit their conferences. Under these circumstance, do you think I will be in the right place with you?
Antwort verbergen
Yes, you will be. Don’t hesitate to tell me about the subject you are passionate about; it will enable you to start your language studies with enthusiasm. In individual lessons, we can address your personal interests more freely than in a group of learners. But please don’t be too impatient: If you start as a beginner, it will take some time for you to understand or read messages from your „universe“ without any help.
Antwort anzeigen I want to spend my holidays in Germany and combine pleasure with practicality by learning a bit of German on the side. Do you think that’s possible in your course?
Antwort verbergen
Of course you may enjoy your leisure time at our beautiful place, but please be aware that language instruction in the Language Guesthouse is intensive. You will get at least two academic hours of instruction every day during a five day week. To make the most of your lessons you should also spend a considerable part of the day in self studies. The ideal situation is for you to spend the same amount of time in individual study that you spend in class. If you don't want to study intensively, but have existing German skills, a conversation /active+creative programme could be the perfect choice for you.
Antwort anzeigen My daughter/son is fourteen years old and learns German in school. She/he is a quick learner but would like to improve her/his speaking. I am apprehensive about sending her/him to Germany alone, so it’s important for me to know that she/he will be well supervised.
Antwort verbergen
I am not in a position to provide care for young students during their free time, and I do not have children who are close in age to your daughter/son. Therefore, for the time being, I can only accept teenagers who are sixteen years of age or older.
Antwort anzeigen Unfortunagely, my son/daughter has not received good grades in German classes at school, but next summer, I want him/her to pass his/her graduation exam with good results. Will his/her grades go up considerably after a course at the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
Is your son or daughter willing to improve his/her grades so that he can do well on his exam? In this case, he is welcome at the Language Guesthouse and certainly will succeed. But parents‘ wishes are not enough to produce successful learning. It’s impossible to teach a language to someone who doesn’t want to learn it. Therefore, if your offspring doesn’t feel a true desire to learn German, you should save your money instead of sending him/her to a language school.
Antwort anzeigen What is the recommended length of a course in the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
Generally you can say that the longer you study in the Sprachpension, the greater progress you will make. Otherwise, your course of study depends on your personal preferences and restrictions. If you want to experience significant progress in your language skills, you should allow for a minimum of two weeks.
Antwort anzeigen Can I book a conversation course without language classes at the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
Yes, you can - and you get the opportunity not only to listen to and speak German, but to join speaking and action. Just book a language trainer guided active+creative programme, it is a perfect conversation training. As a precondition, you should bring along German skills of completed level A1 (or higher)
Antwort anzeigen Can I book a trial course for three days in the Language Guesthouse?
Antwort verbergen
In most cases three days are too short to achieve observable progress in language skills. Therefore our shortest language programm takes a week. A week course for example is a reasonable option for those who want to brush up on existing German language skills. Guests at the Language Guesthouse however, who stay overnight or for vacation get a free trial lesson, if they want. Just ask me during your stay!






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