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NEW: From 2015 you get
MORE INSTRUCTION FOR YOUR MONEY, because each teaching unit lasts now 50 instead of 45 minutes!

Younger than 27 and still studying?? - Then you'll get a cheaper chance at the LG: Package deals for school and university students and young people in vocational education: More info

Study German or go on holiday? - With us you can do both.

Our small, friendly language school in the Kaiserstuhl hills near Freiburg/Breisgau is a specialist provider of individual language training for those with high requirements and special needs. What’s more, we offer cosy bed & breakfast accommodation welcoming guests from all over the world.


Living and Learning at the Language Guesthouse

That's our immersion concept for adult learners. The student's aim is the teacher's task, whether that aim is to close some gap in grammar knowledge, to improve oral or written expression, to acquire the terminology of a technical language or to pass a language exam, and whether you need German skills for your job, your academic studies, daily life in a German speaking country or just for your forthcoming holidays. Learn more about our teaching concept at Learning: 1-to-1+Immersion

You can study German anywhere, but you can only experience the authentic Germany in Germany itself! And staying at the Language Guesthouse, with its personal, welcoming atmosphere and hospitality, you'll gain a deeper insight in German culture and life than anywhere else. To find out what "full immersion" means at the Language Guesthouse, read the page News / Day-to-day life+Highlights

Our German language trainings at a glance:

  • Tailor-made German language training for professionals and executives
    When fast improvement in the command of language and achievement of high proficiency are required, conventional in-company training has its limits. Our full immersion concept provides a high efficient tool to deal with this problem. Read more at Professionals+Corporate clients.
  • German language training for subject-specific requirements
    Topics and vocabulary in the fields of business, technology, science or medicine. Read more at Subject-specific German
  • German communication training for business requirements
    Making phone calls, preparing and holding informal meetings, preparing and giving presentations, writing reports, talking to customers, business correspondence, discussion of intercultural questions. More at Business communication
  • German communication training for doctors, nurses and specialist clinical staff
    Health-care professionals have to deal with patients and other health-care workers at all levels. They need more interpersonal language skills than are provided simply by passing a high level language exam. Read more at German for health care professionals
  • Language training for students with special needs
    Our one-to-one trainings are ideal for all those who – for any reason – find difficulty in learning successfully on "normal" group courses. For further details, see Course options+Rates
  • New on offer: Package deals for students in school, university or vocational education younger than 27y.
    Study intensively in high quality 1-to-1 classes and pay a moderate fee! Programmes from 1 to 4 weeks Package deals for students...
  • The combination of speaking and action is a highly efficient way of supporting language learning. The Active+Creative Programme provides the opportunity to try out this natural method of learning. Read more at Creative programme+Creative holidays
  • Group courses at the Language Guesthouse
    You'd like to study in company with your partner or a few friends from your German course at home? No problem! You'll be surprised at the low cost of such a mini-group programme. See Group+family programmes
  • German language programmes for for Mum/Dad and child(ren)
    Your family is relocating to Germany? Then all of you have the same goal: to learn German. Our parent-child programmes offer lessons for Mum/Dad and for the little ones - and playing, reading and singing sessions together. See more at Group+family programmes
  • New on offer: German language training online
    It’s arrived! We can now offer extensive language tuition at the Language Guesthouse. If you want, you can study with us from your first German lesson right up to advanced level. Read how it works at German online training
  • Learning German enjoyably
    Language learning can be fun and in classes I have seen time and time how even adult learners find doing grammar puzzles and vocabulary games enjoyable and absorbing. On this website you can try the fun way of learning with a logical multimedia riddle and two crosswords Play+learn German

Secrets of our success in language teaching

We learn a language more easily if we are genuinely interested in what we read or listen to and if we experience real communication from the very outset. We also make better progress in a comfortable learning environment which encourages us to experiment with the new language without worrying about making errors and mistakes. Learn more about our teaching concept at Learning: 1-to-1+immersion and about me and my enthusiasm for teaching German and hosting guests. Go to the link Your German trainer...

How to calculate costs and enrol for a course

You'll find essential information about the enrolment process at the Language Guesthouse and some advice on planning and preparing for your journey at How to enrol. The different course options and prices are given on the page Course options+Rates with its useful cost calculator. The registration form for online courses is to be found at German online training

Holidays /Vacation at the Language Guesthouse

Even if you are a perfect German speaker, you are welcome at the Language Guesthouse at any season for a refreshing short break or longer stay. A detailed description of our B&B rooms and our holiday apartment with photos and advice how to get here are to be found on Accommodation+How to get there; check the availability of our accommodation and book your stay on Book a B+B room/Apartment; read reviews of previous guests on Guests' reviews /Visitors' book

You'd liike to discover your creative talent with us? Then have a look at Creative Programme+holidays

The Breisgau region is the ‘mediterranean’ south of Germany – it enjoys more sunny days and is generally some degrees warmer than elsewhere. The Kaiserstuhl hills are not only home to some excellent wines; they are also a little landscape gem among the regions of Germany. More on Breisgau+Kaiserstuhl

These links may be interesting to those of you who like travelling and learning languages: Interesting Links.

Have you got questions relating to learning German and our German courses? You can find answers here: Questions+Answers

Of course, I'm ready to answer your further questions personally. And if you’re staying in my house simply as a tourist, I'll be happy to offer you a free trial lesson.





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