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Test the Language Guesthouse online and see for yourself our teaching quality!

4 lessons free! Get them here!

The ideal combination: Study online with us and take an immersion training once a year at the LG!

Get fluent in German soon!

How good is your German?
Just test it!

Download test: Download placement test
Complete the test form/ Send it to the LG/ Get it back in 2 days: corrected + with level recommendation!
Of course free and without obligation!


Course Options and Prices


One-to-one - standard at the Language Guesthouse



One-to-One Classes

One-to-one instruction is standard at the Language Guesthouse.
It is the ideal course for all those, who are willing to study intensively and make good progress in a limited period of time. It is ideal too for those with special requirements concerning their language training or with special preconditions of learning or maybe special disabilities It's the option for those who learn faster, slower or simply in a different way than the average learner. Last not least one-to-one classes are a good choice for students, who feel ashamed of their errors and anxious to speak in a group.

In our individual lessons the student sets the pace of progress. His type of learning and peculiar preconditions, her personal interests, strengths and weaknesses are the prerequisites tuition will be attuned to. Fast learners make fast progress; those who need more time won't come under pressure.

The student's aim is the teacher's task, whether the point is to close some gap in grammar knowledge, to improve oral or written expression, to acquire the terminology of technical language or to pass a language exam, whether you need German skills for your job, your academic studies or just for your upcoming holidays.

The Language Guesthouse offers one-to-one courses of different length and intensity: one week or several months, Minimum 10 units per week, maximum 30.

You'd like to know about the actual level of your German skills?

Take our free and not binding online placement test! It will test your knowledge in grammar and vocabulary in the range of beginner's to B1 level. Send the completed test form to the Language guesthouse, and you will get it back within a few days with corrections and an individual placement recommendation. Download /placement test



Course offer for Couples, Groups and Families

Couples or groups of students (up to 5 students) who register for a language and/or activity programme, pay reduced instruction fees per person compared with individual classes (see table below). All participants should have similar levels of existing knowledge. If you bring along some discipline and are ready to "forget" your native language during your stay at the Language Guesthouse, studying in a mini group will be enjoyable and almost as efficient as individual classes.

Special arrangements are possible for families with children (3-10y of age). Children learn languages in a different way from adults. Therefore in our parent-child programmes Mums and Dads get their daily lesson and children get theirs. During parents' lesson we'll find a German nanny, who looks after the kids. But for an hour or two all of us meet to play German games, read German children's story books and sing German songs.

For parents with baby kids we offer to organize childcare for the time of parents' lessons.

Please ask me, if you're interested in such a parent-child programme. I'm certain to make you an attractive offer.



Packages for school and university students and young people in apprenticeship
(younger than 27)

1 week (7 days from Su to Su)
Single room, full board, 5 hrs active+creative programme, Konus guest card,
20 units* gen G: package price: 1,101.50 € (normal price: 1221,50 €) → You save: 120.00 €   Course JU20
25 units* gen G: package price: 1,271.50 € (normal price: 1431,50 €) → You save: 160.00 €   Course JU25
2 weeks (14 days from Su to Su)
Single room, full board, 10 hrs active+creative programme, Konus guest card
40 units* gen G: package price: 2,069.00 € (normal price: 2443,00 €) → You save: 374.00 €   Course JU40
50 units* gen G: package price: 2,399.00 € (normal price: 2863,00 €) → You save: 437.00 €    Course JU50
3 weeks (21 days from Su to Su)
Single room, full board, 15 hrs active+creative programme, Konus guest card
60 units* gen G: package price: 2,902.50 € (normal price: 3,262.50 €) → You save: 360.00 €   Course JU60
75 units* gen G: package price: 3,352.50 € (normal price: 3,802.50 €) → You save: 450.00 €   Course JU75
4 weeks (28 days from Su to Su)
Single room, full board, 20 hrs active+creative programme, Konus guest card
80 units* gen G: package price: 3,870.00 € (normal price: 4,350.00 €) → You save: 480.00 €   Course JU80
100 units* gen G: package price: 4,470.00 € (normal price: 5,070.00 €) → You save: 600.00 €  Course JU100
* 1 unit=50 min

Send inquiry!



Course Options (private clients)
All dates are weekly

Package Gen German
50 min/unit
Prog 60 min/unit
Gen or Spec G.
50 min/unit
A+C Progr.
60 min/unit
Basic10 10 3 (free)    
Basic10+U 10 3 (free) 3  
Basic10+K 10 3 (free)   6
Basic10++ 10 3 (free) 3 3
Basic15 15 3 (free)    
Basic15+U 15 3 (free) 3  
Basic15+K 15 3 (free)   6
Basic15++ 15 3 (free) 3 3
Basic20 20 3 (free)    
Basic20+U 20 3 (free) 3  
Basic20+K 20 3 (free)   6
Basic20++ 20 3 (free) 3 3
Programme *)
0-25 0-15 0-20 special  
Conversation crse/
Creative holidays

*) Maximum 30 / minimum 10 units/50 min of language instruction per week.


"Special German" classes:

Selected topics and vocabulary concerning business, technology, science or medicine; exam training for language exams, e.g. Zertifikat (Wirtschafts-)Deutsch (ZD), TestDaF, Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH).

Active+Creative Programme /Conversation training (language students):

Creative programme (see there), board games, walks, trips, excursions, visit of museums, picnic, sightseeing, visit of local events....
This programme complements the formal language tuition.
If you intend to book it without language classes, the active+creative programme will be a perfect conversation training for you. Your German language skills should be level A1 or higher.

Creative Programme (for German and international "creative vacationers"):

Fretwork, fibre craft, cookery and bakery

More activities are planned.



How much is instruction and accommodation at the Language Guesthouse?/ General Information

Instruction fee includes:

Instruction and active+creative programme of your booked Basic package
or the number of language classes and activity hours of your free select programme;
German immersion setting;
Arrangement of participation in local sports, cultural or leisure time activities;
Learning material, use of exercise card index, reference books, reading books, talking CDs,
computer based training, use of computer for investigations;

The Active+Creative Programme prices include:

Use of tools, machines and templates.
Use of consumables (ply wood, saw blades, sand paper, paint)

Accommodation price (Bed&Breakfast) includes:

Bed and breakfast in a single or twin room, bathroom and toilet shared with other guests; bed linen, towels; use of computer/internet for private e-mails; use of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) for your own notebook; free beverages (coffee, tea, mineral water); use of living room (TV), balcony, bicycles, washing machine, telephone (domestic calls); free rides on trains, buses, tram (Konus Guest Card) in the Konus region, which includes the whole Black Forest and Upper Rhine area; tips and suggestions to spend your leisure time.

Accommodation price (Apartment) includes:

Bed linen, towels; use of internet access in the apartment for your own notebook; use of the internet computer in the Language Guesthouse; outdoor sitting area in the patio; use of bicycles, washing machine, telephone (domestic calls); free rides on trains, buses, tram (Konus Guest Card) in the Konus region, which includes the whole Black Forest and Upper Rhine area; tips and suggestions to spend your leisure time.
Parking space on the property is limited, but normally you shouldn't have a problem to find a free parking lot on the road near the house

Half/ Full board supplementary charge include:

Dinner (soup/salad, main dish, dessert); in case of full board also lunch (smaller dish, cold or warm) in company with your language trainer. Lunch may be replaced by a lunch packet on day trips. For language students I strongly recommend to book full or half board, for meals are a great occasion to talk! – Self catering is possible in the apartment only.

Extra charge:

Use of telephone (abroad calls)
Beverages (juice, Cola, lemonade, bear, wine, sparkling wine).
Some of the activities require transport fare or entrance tickets.
Eating out on trips: Each participant pays his own bill.
Creative Programme: Some of the activities require extra charge for material (purchased items).
Airport transfer (taxi) from /to: Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Zürich, Frankfurt/M



Same prices - more instruction:

From 2015 each teaching unit lasts 50 instead of 45 minutes!

Prices (Private clients) /language programme 2018

Packages: (per week)
With all Basic-packages you get a free 3
hours active+creative programme per week
1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks from week 5
--- Basic10 420.00 € 360.00 € 270.00 €
--- Basic10+U 546.00 € 46800 € 351.00 €
--- Basic10+K 540.00 € 465.00 € 348.00 €
--- Basic10++ 606.00 € 520.50 € 390.00 €
--- Basic15 630.00 € 540.00 € 405.00 €
--- Basic15+U 756.00 € 648.00 € 486.00 €
--- Basic15+K 750.00 € 645.00 € 483.00 €
--- Bassic15++ 816.00 € 700.50 € 525.00 €
--- Basic20 840.00 € 720.00 € 540.00 €
--- Basic20+U 966.00 € 828.00 € 62100 €
--- Basic20+K 960.00 € 825.00 € 618.00 €
--- Basic20++ 1026.00 € 880.50 € 660.00 €
--- Surcharge per 45 min special lang. 5.00 € 5.00 € 5.00 €
You-select programme      
--- Unit/50 min general German 42.00 € 36.00 € 27.00 €
--- Unit/50 min special German 47.00 € 41.00 € 32.00 €
--- Hour/60 min Active+Creative Programme 20.00 € 17.50 € 13.00 €
Conversation course/ Creative Holidays      
--- Creative Programme (p hr and pers)
--- 3 or more participants (p hr and pers)
20.00 €
12,00 €
17.50 €
10,00 €
13.00 €
8,00 €
Group Discount (language instruction only). For the first person of the group the price is based on the one-to-one rate. Each additional student pays 20% of this rate.


Accommodation (per week) 1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks from week 5
--- Single room + breakfast 245.00 € 231.00 € 147.00 €
--- Twin/double (p pers.) + breakfast 175.00 € 157.00 € 126.00 €
--- Triple (per person) + breakfast 145.00 € 133.00 € 112.00 €
--- Apartment (1-2 Persons/ self caterer)
--- 3rd Person
322.00 €
42,00 €
294.00 €
42,00 €
240.00 €
42,00 €
Meals (per week)      
--- Breakfast (Apartment, per person) 42.00 € 42.00 € 42.00 €
--- Dinner /soup/salad, main dish, dessert (per pers) 84.00 € 84.00 € 84.00 €
--- Lunch /warm or cold (per person) 42.00 € 42.00 € 42.00 €
Local tax/ KONUS card (per week) *) 10.50 € 1050 € 10.50 €

(All prices are shown including VAT)

How much is my German course and stay at the Language Guesthouse?
Calculate costs easily using our Course Cost Calculator 2018

Send inquiry!


Offer and prices for business/corporate clients see Corporate Clients



Samples of Calculation

Samples: One-to-one classes (language programmes 2017)

  • A 2-weeks course (single room, full board, 1 to 1 tuition, tourist card) of 15 acad. hours + 3 hours of activities per week is 2x € 1011.50 , thus € 2023.00
  • A 3-weeks course (same conditions) is 3x € 907.50 , therefore € 2722.50


Samples: Group programmes (2017)

  • A 2-weeks course (double room, full board, tuition in a group of two) of 20 units + 3 hours of activities is 2x € 815.50, thus € 1631.00. per person.
  • A 4-weeks course (same conditions) is 4x € 725.50, therefore € 2902.00 per person.
  • A group of 4 learners, staying in 2 double rooms who book a 2-weeks course of 20 units + 3 hours of activity per week, will pay: 2x € 840.00 (100%) + 2x3x € 168 € (3x20%)= € 2688.00. Each person will pay a tuition fee of € 672.00. Accommodation, Full board and local tax make € 623.00 per person. The total course price per pers is € 1295.00
  • A group of 3 creative holiday-makers staying at the holiday apartment and booking 10 hours of Creative Programme per week, will pay for a 2-weeks course: 2x € 395.50 + 2x3x € 120.00 = € 1511.00 (local tax included). Each person will pay € 503.70


How much is my German course and stay at the Language Guesthouse?
Calculate costs easily using our Course Cost Calculator 2018






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